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The Armadillo

This is my other blog! I made this sometime after I graduated from the C.I.A. I realized that if I wanted to write about food, I ought to have a blog just for food and cooking. And if I wanted to just write about anything, I should dedicate space for it.

So here it is. This is me. I'm kinda weird and irreverent. I'm not as funny as I think I am. Socially awkward and painfully shy. Out of place in most situations. But that's me. I'm just Jenni! I have Neurofibromatosis, a neurological disorder. As I wrote on my food blog it's the most common neurological disorder that's unpredictable and different in every person. There's no treatment or cure. I've been fairly healthy, but it's progressive. So I'm just trying to stay positive, healthy and aware of any idiosyncrasies in my body and hopefully I'll be okay for a long time.

NF has made me a very different person than most people I know. But I sort of like it. I'm incredibly weird, but nice and empathetic. But emotionally moody and awkward. But that's alright, I guess. I consider myself a high functioning freak.

This blog houses most of my thoughts about life and situations. It's not outstandingly interesting or funny, but I'm not really writing it for anyone in particular. I'm writing it to get out of my head. I've lived in my head all my life, the way J.D from Scrubs narrates his life, mine has been the same. I predated his inner monologues by ten years. I was/am always thinking about stuff, what's going on. So I'm writing it all down here. And if you like it, or agree, or feel something about it, that's awesome.

Thanks for stopping by! This blog isn't much, but it's mine. I hope you can enjoy some of my weird Armadillo thoughts. I'm such a black sheep, I'm an armadillo.


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