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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Month 2- Cranio Care Bears

I plan on taking this monthly resolution very seriously.

Here are a few rules.

1. I will donate to a different charity every month
2. The only exception to this is food donations, which I tend to do bi-monthly, or the Salvation Army during the holiday season, where change is given to the red kettles at every opportunity.
3. It has to be something I am particularly passionate or compassionate about.

Just wanted to clear that up. I'll probably say it again throughout the experience.

I think "Awareness" is great. But only if it's something we were previous unaware or under educated about. Breast Cancer Awareness is UBIQUITOUS. ALL YEAR. But the very worst part is very little of the pink clothes, keychains, jewelry, pens, paper, shoes, dolls, hats, shoelaces, ETC, very rarely goes to anything. It's to "raise awareness" which means "You just paid 30.99 for a t-shirt. The profits will go to the manufacturer" It's a ruse. A clever game to guilt and bully you into buying crap.

Awareness is great but talk is cheap. Donate actual money to actual cancer that will help research, or take care of those in chemo, or support families of those who are affected. There is so much more you can do than buy a keyring or wear a hat.

 As I said before, "Awareness" is wonderful when you learn something new. I didn't know a lot about quite a lot of things before Awareness Days and Months came about.

I know there are endless amounts of things that can impact someone's life. Such as Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria, autism, cancers, Downs syndrome, NF,  Multiple sclerosis, countless birth defects, developmental and physical disabilities/limitations. All of them are equally deserving of help and awareness and attention.

This month, I'm going to be helping Cranio Bears.  
My cousin-in-law had a baby girl the summer of 2012. It was discovered she had craniosynostosis. Because I am completely uneducated and unfit to write a blurb about it, here is a quick overview from the Cranio Bear site.

I've seen and heard a lot about it since her daughter was born and I really want to help raise awareness. I feel like we need to stick together and support each other in our quest to be heard and understood.
The site I am donating to this month offers support and care packages for the (often very young) children undergoing the surgery. They are simple packages designed to give a little love and comfort throughout the process. Which I think is really nifty. And since my family in Ohio received such love through this foundation, I want to support it too.

 I think helping families and the people going through can be as important as researching cures and treatments. Providing care and support and comfort can change a child's or families' outlook and give them the extra love they need to walk through the difficult journey and recovery process.

I know not many people read this, but I am sending this out into the internet world. Trendy marketing campaigns and pink and ribbons and such can be nice. But without the proper research and educated donating, you really wont be helping those who need it most.