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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Big 3-0

So I'm going to be 30.....in about a year and a half. Jeeze Lousie. You know how people go through a "30 Crisis" type thing where they have to do something grandiose for their birthday? Learn a new language, run a marathon, walk the great wall of China?

I honest to God didn't think of doing anything. Until now.

I dusted off the old Wii Balence Board and popped in Wii Fit Plus. Remember Wii Fit Plus? I haven't been on in 779 days. I knew I had to bite the bullet, face the music and step on the board to get weighed in.....


Twenty pounds in 2.10 years, people!!!! TWENTY!!!! Oy. Okay, so when I gained 12 pounds between October and December I could deal. But now that I see I gained 20 pounds in two years is just this side of frightening.

So in the Spirit of Stupid 30 Adventures, I'm going to try to "Loose 30 by 30."

More later. Or not.