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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's 3.0

Alright, you got me. I thought I was all out of Valentine Posts. But I'll try just one more.

I met Matt seven years ago today. Probably on this exact day. At this exact moment (7ish). It's hard to wrap my mind around how this little moment changed the entire world for me. For both of us. These moments happen once in a lifetime, if we're lucky. Maybe you don't realize it right away. But when you look back on it you can pinpoint the exact second your life changed.
For me it was series of seconds. The ease I felt talking to him. How I laughed and talked and never, not once felt a moment of awkward silence or discomfort of speaking to a guy. It was like he was my best friend. If someone were to know me pre-Matt, you'd know how weird that was. Socialization was terrifying back then. Friends hard to make and harder to keep.
Our relationship from the outside may look weird, but we work. And we love each other. We're not a sappy couple who need to be affectionate all the time.  The honeymoon period ended at the honeymoon, and we preferred it that way. We like the quiet life.
"And you may ask yourself -'How did I get here?' " 
How did I get here with a guy I've known 7 years and approaching my first year of marriage with him? How did this happen to me? I'm different and weird and who wants to have that big ball of difficult around? Somehow Matt and I work. Through good and bad dinners. Long days at work. Some days he annoys me so much I want to drive FAR away. Other times I can't get enough of his love and attention. But that's love, isnt it?
That's something we wont tell you. Or maybe I will. Love isn't perfect all the time. It's difficult, complicated, annoying. Love can be boring sometimes. One Saturday all we did was play LEGO Lord of the Rings. Well, actually, that wasn't boring, that was freaking awesome.

\......I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. Valentine's Day is both nothing and everything to me. I had fun today giving kids heart stickers, wearing a goofy novelty heart headband and drawing hearts on coffee lids. Heart bagels were mostly a hit. It was just a fun day. Friendly and easy going. You don't really need the grand gestures, the dozen roses. You just need some friends, family or significant other. Just another day, with a wee bit of novelty and fun. And chocolate.
Having Matt as my husband this year is just plain crazy. I can see myself doing nothing with him on Valentine's Day until we are old, gray and hard of hearing.