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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Words of Wisom from Scrubs

"I know that I'm weird. So the thing is that I always kinda figured that I would end up alone. And then you came along. And you just don't accept my quirks and my crazy stories, you actually appreciate me for them.And I don't think I'll ever stop appreciating you for that. But I know I'll never stop loving you for it."- Janitor, Scrubs, "My Soul on Fire, Part 2"

If you've ever been the weird outcast, and have been lucky enough to find someone who loves you even though you are just a weird outcast, you understand. Finding mutual respect, love and happiness even though you are the weirdest person you know makes you feel a little normal.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walkin' on, walkin' on broken glass

What's making you smile today? Can it be this warm weather? The sunshine? Those thin crispy potato slices for dinner?

For me, at the moment, it's all of the above. Plus, a little Vitamin C and Train. Anyone remember Vitamin C? A sunshiney, poppy girl of the late 1990's. Well known for her song "Smile" and her female empowering anthems.

I'm feeling music nostalgia today. At Bruegger's the music is chilled out and very coffee house. It's mainly covers, and acoustics, remakes and originals. I'm hearing songs I forgot that I loved and when I hear them, for those three and a half minutes, everything is just smooth and chill. So I've spent the better part of the last hour finding music I used to love, from Vitamin C's Me, Myself and I to Weezer's The Sweater Song.  

I'm a serious 90's girl. I was born in 1985, so I had complete awareness of the 90's. Pogs, snap bracelets, Roseanne, AOL, Snick. Weren't the 90's totally cool? Mainly how great things seemed to be. Incredible Tv shows, awesome fashion, innovative technology, and all the irreplaceable, incredible awesomely awesome music. Music has never and will never be the same ever again. We will never have another decade of quality music. Boy bands, Girl Power, U2, Nirvana, Train, Green Day (When they were punk and before they went Emo and then Majored in Anarchy), Alanis Morissette (during and after her angry album), Annie Lennox, Billy Joel! And I can't forget Metallica. Remember Jewel's first album? I think it was the first CDI ever owned. So many others that if I put here it would just go on for too long.

You might not agree with me. I'm pretty sure you wont. But can you deny Nirvana? Or Green Day's Basket Case? Wannabe by the Spice Girls? Any song by U2 or REM?  These songs had something to offer. Catchiness, depth, a message or just incredible artistry.

What is it about old favorites that make everything seem so much better? Is it the memories associated with it? The yearning for that better time in your life or the memory of getting through a difficult time? Or is it that the song is just good?

What are your favorite songs from past decades?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Best First Date Ever

It was raining and slightly humid. Matt and I trudged up the hill, away from school and towards the main road. It's springtime 2006. We both lacked a car, and I thought I remembered the diner being only about a mile away. It wasn't raining when we left, and we felt it'd be nice to walk and enjoy each other's company.

When we passed the drive in movie theater, I realized I was wrong.

It was our first real date. I had gift certificates from Christmas for the Eveready diner, a local favorite, and now I had someone to take. We were slowly becoming more and more damp as we made our way up the road.

But I was so dopey with happiness I hardly noticed. By all accounts, this was the worst date ever. It was raining, the diner was farther than I thought, and we were walking. But all I could think about was how happy I was.
I already had the worst date ever over extern. I was dating a guy, and we went into New York City on my day off. He'd never been there. We were going to see a show and spend the day. We'd taken the Circle Line and got lost. Long story short, I still have scars from the blisters on my small toe from walking many miles in cute brown wedgies (I know, you don't need to tell me to not wear wedgies in the city!).

I kept apologizing to Matt, but I couldn't stop smiling. I felt badly for him, because I had no idea what he was feeling.

Five years later, I still remember what we had. My usual burger, and he had a roast beef aus jus sandwich.We talked and laughed and relaxed. Drying and eating. We laughed about the rain, and talked about the food and what we wanted to cook for dinner.

Every time I think about our first date, I feel the same giddy feeling I had when we first became a couple. That swell of happiness. It was ridiculous.
We've always had this mutual respect for each other. No name calling, no meanness. We don't exchange nasty words.....You know, the same respect real couples give each other. What kind of couple treats each other like crap!? Insecure ones, obviously. I'd never allow anyone to treat me the way I've seen couples treat each other. I really pity people who are in such bad relationships, because they are in such denial and probably have had a history of bad relationships and don't know any different...Which is really sad. (If you justify his "love" based on the size or cost of your engagement ring, you might be in a bad relationship...Or a stupid gold digger) I'm really lucky to have a real man who respects women, is smart and secure with himself and us. I know how rare that kind of love is.

So, I'm watching the latest episode of Ruby, and she's on a date, and it's making me smile, because I remember those early feelings. That bubbly time of flirting, catching each other's eyes and smiling. Hand holding and a constant feeling of happiness. It reminds me of those happy feelings and that you can still get them. I was going to say I hope I'm this happy decades from now, but I hope I'm happier. The kind of happy that's a vintage red wine. Love is never this happy every second, but when it is, it's pretty damn good.

This post is so disgusting. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shaddup, already!! Enough *is* enough.

*** I haven't written anything in a while, and I wanted to post something. So for inspiration, I leafed through drafts of older stuff. This is from September of 2010. It reflects where I was in my life and those who surrounded me. They don't anymore. It was during a slightly angsty and stressful time in my life. It makes me laugh now to think that I allowed myself to become stressed out over people who were so undeserving of my time, let alone such emotion. But at the time it was pretty lousy. So I'm posting it now, in lieu of a current creative thought.** 

Complaining about complaining.

I'm just so sick of people who are always mad about something. It's always something with them. Too hot or too cold. Too sunny or too wet. Too bright or too gloomy. Too quiet or too loud. Shut up! The unpleasable people are the worst. It's never enough for them.

Why cant you just be grateful and happy?  I just want to shake these people. They usually have more than most, but still want more.Greedy and selfish. They can't see anything but the negative. You know? Just shut up! People are so sick of you complaining.
The worst are those who have gone through a particular amount of difficulty in their life. Something a normal person would make them see what they have. I know people who wake up grateful for their ability to get out of bed without pain.Yet I also know someone who beat serious cancer and is still a grumpy old man. Still complaining, still negative. Seriously?

I have a progressive disorder. I don't know when it will get me, or how it will get me, but someday it probably will. But at the moment I'm so grateful for my current and past good health, and how far I've gotten. It doesn't matter that I'm not that athletic, or my motor skills prevent me from doing certain things well, or I look weird, or that I have learning disabilities. I have a lot in life a lot of people would like to have. Good family, good future husband, education, a job, a car. Basic things to attain to have.I have more than enough.

So it makes me frustrated to hear people complain about everything. Especially those who have a lot more than most people. People who have half the stuff the complainers do are three times as happy. What's up with that?