Welcome to my other blog. I started this one shortly after graduating from the C.I.A, to differentiate between my food and my other thoughts. It's a cozy little place with frequent weird but real, honest thoughts.

There's really not much more to say here, as anything mildly interesting is either down below or written in my Armadillo section above.
Hope you can relate to some of my thoughts and situations, even if they tend to be strange sometimes

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Other blog

Been working on my other blog. More tags and such. So check it out, people. The older stuff is pretty good- if I do say so myself. =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Day Off, and Earthbound

I did nothing today. Nothing productive. I woke up to my alarm at 6:30, and then convinced myself an extra hour of sleep would be good for me. So I woke up at 7:30, tried for more sleep, before I crawled out of bed and sat at my computer with the express purpose of getting my last post done. But the net wasn't up (and didn't go up till after 12 today...Don't get me started)

I spent the day in my room, watching Saved By The Ball and tragic stories about childhood dementia and playing Earthbound, for the upteenth time.

I love Earthbound. My love for this game has no limits. I love its charming graphics and storylines, cute little side things, little lines and good message and dramatic, moving final battles. From the first "Fuzzy pickles" all the way to the very dramatic "The war against the Giygas is over." That STILL makes you have this "Wow." feeling, even if you've done it seven times. This game is indescribable. I can't do any justice to it here.

This truly is a stand alone game. I don't know of any game that is its equal. If someone knows about it, please tell me so I can find it and play it for myself.

So that was my day. I figured I could get away with a lazy day after working a double and driving to and from school to see my boyfriend. Especially since I'm going to work a full seven days this week....actually, I'll be working Tuesday through next Monday, to the following Saturday.....a 12 day week? Sweet. That'll be good, because I need to make up the three weeks I didn't work and the overtime wouldn't equal that, but it would be a help.

Damn, that's gonna be a long week, but it's going to be the holidays before I know it, and since I have the cashflow for the first time...well....ever, I'd like to get nice things for people. Really nice things.

I haven't written in a bit, and I've always vowed to write on my days off, but I have no ideas, so typing aimlessly makes me feel somewhat productive. I'm not nearly as witty and smart as some blogs I read (and I'm terribly jealous of them), but I guess since this isn't my life right now, I can't do much more than this. =\ Apologies all around, but I hope I can make this into something good sooner or later.