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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

I decided to start local, and with a cause I find very important. Food banks! I like to give actual food to the donation bin at my grocery store each month, but I know dollars can help do more.

Food was -always- around at my house. I ate meals in-between my meals as a kid. Then ate dinner. Then dessert. Then possibly a bowl of cereal or toast before bed. I never had to worry about being hungry.

But as I grew more aware of my peers and as I grew up, I realized not everyone is that lucky. I love food so much, and it's heartbreaking to think someone doesn't have the access to food most people in the country do. Most of us are lucky; we don't give a second thought to what or where or when we'll eat. This country in general is lucky like that. What's that term? Hunger Anxiety? It's a thing where there isn't enough to eat and you don't know when you'll get food again. I know I'll think of it at 2 am and then wake up with no memory of it.

So after doing some research on Charity Navigator  I wanted to find a local food bank with a high rating. I'm still trying to understand the percentages and such. But the pie charts break down everything into a language I can understand. You want a charity that allocates A LOT of their donations to their cause.

You also want to be careful to donate directly to the intended site. When I clicked "Donate now" it lead me to a third party site. While the fee is 3%-5% to process the donation, it's still better to go directly to the source.

So, here we are at The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.    .$0.97 out of every dollar is used to benefit the program. Which is actually quite a lot. It has a four star rating on charity navigator and since it is in my state, I'm starting here.

Holidays are approaching, but food is needed year round. Please consider donating food or funds to your own local food banks. It's one of those places were a little goes a very long way.


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