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Friday, November 2, 2012

We're on Day Five of no power. When I returned from work at about 1pm Monday afternoon, the winds were gusty and a light rain was falling. The power flicked off at about 3pm. Flicked off again and stayed off. This was highly unusual. We enjoyed full power, internet and heat privileges last year for Irene. We've never gone more than 24-hours without power in my living memory. So this is new.
 At work, we've at least tripled our sales. People come in with the same shell shocked expression I've come to have. We're all dumbfounded. But for different reasons I'm sure. I would be more okay with this if it weren't so goddamn freezing.  I'd be okay with this if the town where I work had power. It's not just one buttered bagel, it's four buttered bagels, three bacon egg and cheese and three cream cheese bagels. All toasted, thanks. The other day we ran out of eggs. Eggs! God help me, I'm happy that we can give people hot coffee and a warm place to charge their stuff, but honestly, it's draining and frustrating.
Unlike most people in this area under the age of 30, I can live without the cable, the internet or facebook. I can live without lights. What I am becoming is more and more mentally exhausted by is the lack of heat and $800/hrs at work. Matt and I sleep under two heavy winter comforters and a non-working electric blanket. Your hair gets cold, your lips become chapped and your hands become so cracked with cold you cant wear your wedding rings. Now I know why they wore kerchiefs and caps in those old days.

But still, I'm grateful. We lucked out. We have running water, flashlights and a ton of clearance Halloween candy. We're cold, but safe and without damage of house or cars. Some people can't return to their homes, so I can live inconveniently and cold for a while longer. Right now I'm grateful to be sitting at the library, charging my iPod and trying to tap out a few meager sentences here. I'm grateful to be heading to the gym shortly for the best damn hot shower I will ever experience in my life.


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