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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walkin' on, walkin' on broken glass

What's making you smile today? Can it be this warm weather? The sunshine? Those thin crispy potato slices for dinner?

For me, at the moment, it's all of the above. Plus, a little Vitamin C and Train. Anyone remember Vitamin C? A sunshiney, poppy girl of the late 1990's. Well known for her song "Smile" and her female empowering anthems.

I'm feeling music nostalgia today. At Bruegger's the music is chilled out and very coffee house. It's mainly covers, and acoustics, remakes and originals. I'm hearing songs I forgot that I loved and when I hear them, for those three and a half minutes, everything is just smooth and chill. So I've spent the better part of the last hour finding music I used to love, from Vitamin C's Me, Myself and I to Weezer's The Sweater Song.  

I'm a serious 90's girl. I was born in 1985, so I had complete awareness of the 90's. Pogs, snap bracelets, Roseanne, AOL, Snick. Weren't the 90's totally cool? Mainly how great things seemed to be. Incredible Tv shows, awesome fashion, innovative technology, and all the irreplaceable, incredible awesomely awesome music. Music has never and will never be the same ever again. We will never have another decade of quality music. Boy bands, Girl Power, U2, Nirvana, Train, Green Day (When they were punk and before they went Emo and then Majored in Anarchy), Alanis Morissette (during and after her angry album), Annie Lennox, Billy Joel! And I can't forget Metallica. Remember Jewel's first album? I think it was the first CDI ever owned. So many others that if I put here it would just go on for too long.

You might not agree with me. I'm pretty sure you wont. But can you deny Nirvana? Or Green Day's Basket Case? Wannabe by the Spice Girls? Any song by U2 or REM?  These songs had something to offer. Catchiness, depth, a message or just incredible artistry.

What is it about old favorites that make everything seem so much better? Is it the memories associated with it? The yearning for that better time in your life or the memory of getting through a difficult time? Or is it that the song is just good?

What are your favorite songs from past decades?


  1. Um, okay, I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote. I'm totally a 90's music person too. Today I was listening to Ironic by Alanis Morrissette and was thinking how much I love that song.

    I listened to Smile by Vitamin C the other day.

    I LOVE the song Buddy Holly by Weezer. It used to be my favorite.

    I can't tell you all the songs I love, because there are too many. But I will tell you this: most of my mixed CDs are of 90's songs.

    Oh, wait, can't forget the Backstreet Boys. (They were always better than 'NSync).

  2. I soooo agreeee! I always liked Backstreet boys better because they were olderish. And they had really good music! Most of my mix cds are 90's music. Too many good songs to remember! Have you seen top 100 songs of the 90's? http://tinyurl.com/c6fbph It was aweeeesome!!!!!!


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