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Friday, April 8, 2011

Shaddup, already!! Enough *is* enough.

*** I haven't written anything in a while, and I wanted to post something. So for inspiration, I leafed through drafts of older stuff. This is from September of 2010. It reflects where I was in my life and those who surrounded me. They don't anymore. It was during a slightly angsty and stressful time in my life. It makes me laugh now to think that I allowed myself to become stressed out over people who were so undeserving of my time, let alone such emotion. But at the time it was pretty lousy. So I'm posting it now, in lieu of a current creative thought.** 

Complaining about complaining.

I'm just so sick of people who are always mad about something. It's always something with them. Too hot or too cold. Too sunny or too wet. Too bright or too gloomy. Too quiet or too loud. Shut up! The unpleasable people are the worst. It's never enough for them.

Why cant you just be grateful and happy?  I just want to shake these people. They usually have more than most, but still want more.Greedy and selfish. They can't see anything but the negative. You know? Just shut up! People are so sick of you complaining.
The worst are those who have gone through a particular amount of difficulty in their life. Something a normal person would make them see what they have. I know people who wake up grateful for their ability to get out of bed without pain.Yet I also know someone who beat serious cancer and is still a grumpy old man. Still complaining, still negative. Seriously?

I have a progressive disorder. I don't know when it will get me, or how it will get me, but someday it probably will. But at the moment I'm so grateful for my current and past good health, and how far I've gotten. It doesn't matter that I'm not that athletic, or my motor skills prevent me from doing certain things well, or I look weird, or that I have learning disabilities. I have a lot in life a lot of people would like to have. Good family, good future husband, education, a job, a car. Basic things to attain to have.I have more than enough.

So it makes me frustrated to hear people complain about everything. Especially those who have a lot more than most people. People who have half the stuff the complainers do are three times as happy. What's up with that?


  1. I don't know why some people are so negative. It is sometimes exhausting to be around them! There is almost always something to be thankful for. Good post.

  2. I was thinking about something along these same lines the other day: how come those who earn a substantial less amount for a paycheck are the bigger charity givers than someone who earns a lot? Same concept, right? Are those who are living day by day happier? Are those who realize that others need more help than them happier?

  3. i agree with both of you....Working with those people exhausted me. I was drained every day, regardless of how hard I worked.

    I don't know why those who earn less money are so much happier. Maybe we all just know money isn't everything, and as long as we can cover our bills and have a tiny bit left over, it's enough. And since we have less, we can appreciate the situations of others who need more, and want to help them have a little better, or give them a helping hand.


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