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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shooting the Breeze

I just figured out how to alter your background, so I've been changing my background constantly. But I'm enjoying the Valentine's Day one. Disgusting, isn't it? Another cheerful Valentine's Day lover tolerator.
My plans are quiet and nice. Matt is going to make beef stew, I am going to make mousse and we are going to drink raspberry Lambic.
It's too bad Valentine's Day isn't during a warmer month. I'd love to pack a simple lunch and go eat outside. I'd love a trip outdoors! The only three places I go to is the gym to justify my membership (at $10/month, it's cheap enough to keep as long as I go more than once a week) the library, and the grocery store, where I try to stay on a budget.  The remainder of my time is spent job hunting. I'm doing rather well. Still have no regrets about quitting and I doubt I ever will. Hindsight is 20/20 and my vision has never been clearer: quitting was the right choice. Time to find that job where I can be challenged, use my degree and work well with my co-workers. My last co-workers were awesome. Maybe it was a uniting against.......I only hope I can find co-workers I can get along with as well as them!

I'm doing pretty awesome right now. I've applied to several places that all sound fantastic, but it'll be worth not working for another month to find a place that will have a mutual benefit: I want to love where I work and I want them to find me worthwhile too.But I know I work hard, and that I have energy and enthusiasm. I try to have a solid work ethic where being on time means I'm late.

I'm optimistic and happy and working hard to find the right fit. But with Valentine's Day approaching, I'm thinking more about the day and my future with my fiance. I know this is a lackluster post, but I haven't written here in a very long time and I just felt like shooting the breeze. But if you want a laugh or better insight, the blogs I follow are much better than mine :p


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