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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ephiphany at the Oyster Fest

It was bright and too warm for the jeans I was wearing. I'd been up since 3 am for work, and was already tired. I was also agitated by the high volume traffic on the streets and the crowds in the Festival. I was in no mood to walk around. But Matt had never been to it, and I haven't been to it in about fourteen years, so I thought that if he was interested in going, why not?

But Matt and I got a pizza frita from the St. Ann's Stand, and we walked to find a place to sit.

Finally, we got lucky and found two people who were leaving. We sat down to eat, and an elderly man chatted us up. We talked about this and that. He found out we went to the C.I.A, and that we worked in the food industry, and we found out he has had several meals at school and loves the campus.

He was a nice guy, and his message was clear to us: "Live it up." he said "Life's too short. Live it up." I knew. Life's too short for pettiness, and just asinine short minded people.
We both know that. We work too hard and have come across too many people to know different. We told him we totally understood, and we tried to live like that.
He was really nice, and the conversation with him, some random guy whose name I did not get, perked me up some.
We wandered around, and I let the conversation mellow in my head. Matt wanted to check out the next band that was setting up, so we made our way over and sat as they set up and did sound checks.

The band, Ask Your Mom  , are a bunch of guys who as far as I understand, started just playing around one time and it grew and on and on and on. And there they were, out there, doing something they seemed to have a ton of fun doing, and were actually pretty good. I was jealous. These men doing their thing on stage at the Oyster Fest. It only made the message of "Live it up" that much bigger. Life's too short to be unhappy. Life is just too. Short.

I was so jealous! I mean, if they can put themselves out there in the public eye and rock out, why can't I do my thing here? Enjoy writing and just putting it out there again?

Surprising how an Oyster Fest can bring on such realizations. Wonder what's next?

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  1. I agree with life being short. I try to keep that in mind everyday.

    Fickle Cattle


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