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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Found a guy who loves the weirdness

Matt wasn't acting like the stereotype of a nervous wreck who was about to propose. He was just fine and normal. We were cooking crispy bulgogi with sticky rice for dinner, our first in our new apartment (It was a little too crispy).
During that evening, he kept saying "Now what was I supposed to do today! It's July 1st, what is it I was supposed to do!?"
"I don't know, I'm not your secretary!" I joked (even though I am) "It musn't have been very important." I concluded.

After dinner, we sat down on the couch and I began to read a book.  But he was pestering me. "Sit up, Jenni, sit up and talk to me!" He pleaded, smiling. I looked at him over my book. "Nooo, I'm sitting here reading quietly!" I laughed. He wouldn't relent, so I gave up and went to go brush my teeth, but he wouldn't stop. "Jenni! Just stand here, stand right here for  a second!" He said. I had a feeling what he was up to; joking around about marriage proposals, like we sometimes did. 
"No way!" I laughed, "You're just screwing around!" I went in and shut the door, but I looked at myself in the mirror, and my heart began to race "Oh my god, is he serious!?" I thought. I was nervous, and my immediate responce was to run! Run and avoidance!!!  I brushed my teeth, trying to tell myself it was a joke, and I was just going to go to bed and be done with it.
I exited the bathroom, heading to my room. But he stopped me, looking at me from the couch.
"Jenni! Jenni!..Will you marry me!?" He exclaimed, opening the box and presenting me with a very pretty ring.

........my mouth dropped open. "You're KIDDING me!!?" I exclaimed.
"No, will you marry me!?" He asked again.
I was speechless. I sputtered and sat down heavily on the couch. My heart pounding and my nerves racing.

Well, of course I said yes. But only after many "Are you sure?"'s and talk about weddings.

Now, the ring is beautiful! I have a strong aversion to diamonds, and I'm crazy about opals (something he's known since we've been dating; almost 4 and a half years), so he knew I wanted an opal engagement ring (the countless links to photos of such things helped too). My ring is a beautiful white gold, with an Australian Opal, and three little diamonds on each side. Beautiful!

We couldn't be happier or more excited. We told our parents on July fourth at the beach and now everyone knows.

And, by the way, the whole July First thing? A few months ago, back in April, we were joking about getting engaged and he said he would wait till he were in the apartment but he "didn't say how long." And then when I persisted and asked for a better time frame, he said "July first." When he pointed that fact out that night we got engaged, I laughed.

No wedding plans yet. We are just happy to be together, engaged and starting out together.


  1. YAY...SOoooooo Happy for you guys!!

  2. YAYYYY JEN!!! I'm so happy for you and Matt - what exciting news! Enjoy every moment of this wonderful time! With love, Megan (Makowsky) Weand


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