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Monday, May 17, 2010

Part Two of my NF Paper

My NF1 has caused very few physical complications in my life so far. I have the café au lait spots, my spine is slightly curved and I also have Lisch nodules. I have very few of the symptoms I listed above, and when I do have them they are usually mild and infrequent. What has affected me most in my life has been learning disabilities, A.D.D, fine tune motor skills, communicating, socializing and other  issues. I have been on several forms of Ritalin and Concerta throughout my life to help with some of these issues. There is no cure or treatment for NF1, only checking up on it every so often, mostly with yearly head and spine MRIs as well as checking up with neurological doctors on a yearly basis or more frequently if necessary. In most cases of NF, how many and how severe the symptoms and complications you have growing up is usually an indicator of how your NF will be in the future.

    School hasn't always been easy for me. After spending one year in a special education class, before entering a normal grade school, I frequently felt frustrated by things I couldn't do that others could. I struggled and still struggle with  any form of math, my handwriting as well as other hand oriented skills, and grasping simple concepts. I was often outspoken, impatient and very energetic.  I had trouble communicating, and despite several years of speech therapy, I still find myself speaking too quickly, though the therapy was also for other impairments. I was and still am very stubborn.  In retrospect I believe  that as a child I thought it was everyone else's problem  they couldn't understand me. I couldn't comprehend why it was so difficult for people to understand me. It is still something that frustrates and flusters me..  Though I try, I still work to be understood and slow down when I speak.

Part Three


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