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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Made of Snow/I don't know/ How I fit in

I am a freak. I've known it all my life. When I talk to people, or people look at me, I wonder "Do they see how ugly I am? Are they thinking how big a freak I am?"
I am a freak.
I was diagnosed with NF1 when I was about 2. It wasn't ever a big deal; MRIs and stuff.
I've been healthy. I've been lucky. But, I'm a freak. I'm painfully shy and weird. I wonder what 'they' think. NF has affected me most socially and mentally, as well as weird bone deformities. I'm awkward and talk too fast. I have an ugly jaw due to the space between my nose and throat not being formed when I was born, so it had to be broken at 6 weeks old.

I am a freak. I think it a hundred times a day.

"Made of snow,
I don't know How I fit in
To and fro, people go
I stand and grin"


  1. I never once thought you were a freak in high school. (talking too fast does not make you freaky...)

    But I do like snowmen.

  2. Hi Jenni,
    Thank you so much for coming to visit me over in my corner of the blogosphere. I've already learned so much from just reading a little - until you wrote, I hadn't known that NF1 existed. Thank you for being such a great teacher. And thank you for helping me be a better mom, and better person. And yes, YOU have done all that, just by having this blog. thank you.

    XO R

  3. Thanks Leslie, you were always nice. But certain persons we both know were not as kind as you!

    And I really appreciate you checking out my blog Redheadmomma! Your idea for a workshop was so cool! I really hope it expands to other schools soon.


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