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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been awhile

I seriously think I have ESP. Just today, in the shower; or in the car, or at work, or eating, I was thinking about my blogs and how long it's been since I've written much of anything. But I pushed the thought away, because I really doubted anyone noticed. No one appears to read it, after all.

However, a comment on both blogs, pointing out that I haven't written in awhile and asking if I was allright has sparked my interest. Who is this person?

I really hate it when y'all don't put a name or any clue as to who you are. =p I am dying to know who you are all!

Anyway, to answer the question; yes, I am fine. Just busy. Matthew came to visit April 20th (roughly around the time of my last post), to look for a job. And he hasn't left for more than 72 hours since! He got a job right near where I work. A cushy corporate dining job. Weekends/holidays off, some level of benefits, and uniforms AND a new pair of shoes every year! From a REAL catalog! How jealous am I? I like my job, but weekends and holidays off are something bakers only dream of.

Anyway, he's very well liked. And got a glowing 3 week review today.

As for myself, I'm still at the bakery, we've gotten new employees for Markets and stuff. Which is a blessing.

Also, in other news, I have bought a car!!! A car! I've been looking at cars, though not seriously for a few months. I know my dad is a typical dad, and wouldn't look at anything I'd like, just junky old crap. So I had to wait for Matt to come for his two-week job search visit.

I was pretty dead set on a Nissan, for reasons I do not know. I wouldn't look at anything...Why did I want a Nissan? Oh, because in Spring my dad brought home a Nissan Versa for a rental. I didn't like it, mainly because my first ride in it was in the small back seat with two other adults; in the middle seat. That car made me feel carsick.

Anyway, Matt finally convinced me to look a different models, and after having him look at a Consumer Reports used car issue, I settled on a Toyota Corrola, A Honda something or other, and a Toyota Camry, because they had good things across the board.

I fell in love (well, in like) with a 2006 Toyota Camry, black and a 2005 Toyota Corrola. The dealer was a nice guy and non pushy. Which I liked.

From there we hit a Honda in Westport, where a highly pushy guy wanted me to buy a new Honda Accord? With all the perks. For over $20,000. His logic? The payment plan was, and I'm, not kidding, 7 bucks cheaper than a used car.

We test drove the new car, and an old one, and left. We both felt cranky and agitated and in need of a drink. So I made a quick desison turn into a McDonald's, where we had cold drinks and discussed our next options. I for one was tired, getting more cranky and more frustrated by the minute.

Toyota of Westport wasn't much better.

I was stuck on the Toyota Corrola. It had less than 26,600 miles on it. It was silver. Drove like a dream. The breaks actually worked.

So, this car that I liked, when all was said and done (plates, taxes, registration, etc), would end up being around 14,500. Not a bad deal. Considering there was an 06 Corrolla at Westport with 35,000+ miles for $17,000+- before taxes and all.

My dad was skeptical. And not nice to the dealer. Which I hated. He also wasn't very polite to the credit guy at the credit union he told me to get in touch with. (A guy who loves the bakery, and was very cheerful and told me my credit rating was a whopping 764)

I ended up buying the car. I put down 8,000, and a very good loan rate on the rest. I mean, when your credit lender leaves you a message after you tell him the rates with a "Wow, those are some damn good rates." you best take them.

I am a car owner!! I love this car. I filled my tank a week and a half ago, and it's just down to 1/4th tank....240 miles so far! Insanity. I love this car. The way it drives, the headlights, the breaks. I promise to take car of this car as well as I can. I heard nothing but great things about Corrollas. =)

The blazer is no longer...But sitting on the lawn. When matt and I were in the blazer, on the way to the dealership to pick up said car, I began having a conversation with the blazer:

"Okay, so you've done me somewhat well for these past few years. But it's time for me to move on. It's not me, it's you. I don't care if you want to burst into flames when we are a safe distance from you when we get home. Just get us safely home and you can do whatever the hell you want. Okay? Okay."

I get in my new car, drive home, with Matt driving the blazer. When we were pulling out of the dealrship, I looked in the rearview mirror, trying to catch Matt's eyes to wave enthusasticly at him. And he had a weird look on his face. I wanted to call him to see what was up, but I knew better. What should happen when we park both cars? The blazer begins smoking. SMOKING! It's like it KNEW! He said the car smelt funny the whole way home.

That's what's new with me. Hope you enjoyed. But now, it is my intention to have some quiet time before bed. I get to go in at 6 am!! I cherish the 6 am days.

So, Mr.Ms Annon commenter, hope this did you well. Sorry for the delay. I'll try harder to keep posting, I just felt like I was writing the same stuff in the same ways, so I thought you all were sick of me. =\

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  1. I's happy that you're in possession of a car now. I'd suggest a road trip to visit. We'll take a trip across the border, too. I promise not to sell one of your kidneys to the black market!


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