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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Facebook Epiphany

When a blog writer (This one in particular I consider an amazing writer and somewhat of a rock star) 'friended' me on 'facebook'. I saw something about him above a photo of someone I used to know (but am not and would never be friends with), with a comment by someone I recently 'friended' a month or so ago. And it clicked: I really hate what facebook (and the internet in general) has done to this world.

I really, really hate it. People post drunk, drugged, and HIGHLY inappropriate photos, and then go to make lewed comments, or further encourage such acts of obscenity. For everyone to see. And they see nothingwrong with it. Not a second thought to that picture of hanging out cleavage, with a bottle of rum in their hand.

I'm looking at the blog writer in comparison with the comment the friend made, and I am thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed. And want to wipe out about twenty people on my 'friend' list.
I really don't care if you are reading this. I'm probably going to put this on my facebook anyway. Because I'm just that bold and crazy.

Facebook, to me, is a place to reconnect with people I used to know and connect with people who I can relate to (such as my enjoyment for grammar and the NF groups I am apart of)

Any idiot can see this generation is in some serious trouble. They drink, do drugs, are wildly obscene in every way. It's disgusting. And you all think it's okay. And the post it online like a prize. Look at me! Look at my AWESOME life!! I'm so EXTREME!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah....ooookay.

I don't care how you plan on flaming me for this, because really? Your opinion of who I am matters to me about as much as my opinion on you matters to you.

So why am I writing this? Because I'm sick of being apart of this generation. I've only come across a few dozen worthwhile people of this generation, and I think that's pretty damn sad. I think it's sad you publicize your drunk lives, your drugged lives, your 'drunk nights in low cut clothing thinking you look so hot' lives. It's incredibly sad. And embarrassing. I can only hope these people grow out of their little immaturity phase speedy quick and join the 'Rest of Us'.

And by "The Rest of Us" I mean "The people of this generation who don't partake in such silly little acts" where two beers, or two drinks, doesn't lead to five or ten more. Where we go out with friends, have a fun time, and go home for work or school the next day (who come in BEFORE 2 am, and don't have a hangover). The few of us who balance fun with real life. There's actually some of us out there! Where we don't do drugs, or wear skanky outfits and drunkenly hang off the shirts of Tools whose collars are popped.

If you're responsible and smart, you sure as hell don't come off that way. Hope your actions don't come back to bite you in the butt.
I'm pretty sure Facebook is one of the signs of the Culture and Decency Apocalypse.


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